The experience of over 50 years in the fluid management industry helped CRI become one of the leading sewage and drainage pumps manufacturers in the world. A robust and planned motor design helps drive the maximum efficiency in the pumping operation. Creating an affluent living condition worldwide is one of CRI’s hard craved ambitions. The line of waste water pumps come directly as prolonged perseverance. The pumps and motors in the series are ideal for gardening, residential drainage and sewage and de-watering system. Engineered to pump out solids of up to 55mm, the DM, SM and SH series can pump out water with 40 degrees Celsius temperature. The CDR, CSL and SV series has rewindable dry motors with pumping capacity of solids up to 100mm. The DL and SL series features heavy duty bearings designed to deliver safe and quite operations. The MS and MP series pumps can be immersed in a depth of 5m to pump out sewage and dewater tanks.

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