All the enquiries can be forwarded to C.R.I head quarters or to the nearby subsidiary company(refer contact us page).

For 20 feet container, our normal supply lead time is 45 to 60 days from the date of confirmation of order along with payment or copy of L/C

Yes CRI produces Water filled rewindable motors, Resin filled submersible motors & Oil filled submersible motors as well.

Can be selected by using performance catalogue which contain all the necessary technical and performance details or it can done through the online pump selection software in the home page.

Yes, C.R.I's Installation & Operating manuals supplied with the pump/motor will provide you with complete information.

Yes, C.R.I's Resin filled motors consist of lightning arrestor upto 1.5kw and Thermal overload protector upto 1.1 kW. C.R.I's water filled submersible motors have thermal overload protector upto 2.2 kW.

Yes our mounting dimensions are in accordance with NEMA Standard, it can be coupled with any other NEMA Standard pump/motor and vice versa.

When a pump is operated in a over/under voltage condition, the motor will consume more Amps which results in increase of winding temperature and may lead to motor burnout

Mostly under or over voltage, unbalanced three-phase power, and a loss of insulation resistance; high ambient temperature, high altitudes and lack of ventilation will cause overheating in motors Very low or high flow rate, more mechanical friction in the pump or motor, high viscosity or specific gravity of the liquid pumped are few other reasons which will cause overheating in motors.

No, the pumps cannot be operated at horizontal position whereas it can be operated up to 33 Degree inclination.

C.R.I Products can with stand a maximum liquid temperature of 33 Degree Centigrade

C.R.I Pumps can handle clean, thin, non-aggressive, non-explosive, clear, cold, fresh water without abrasives, solid particles or fibers.

We have all the necessary accessories required for pumps & motors like Cables, Control Boxes, uPVC column pipes, Valves,Pressure switches,Pneumatic tanks etc., Similarly control system likes Water lever monitors, Pressure control switches; Pressure gauges etc for pumps are also available from our ready stock.

Troubleshooting information is provided in the Installation and Operating manuals supplied with all the C.R.I's product.

The entire production gamut of CRI's facilities is accredited with ISO 9001 & 14001certification. Besides, CRI's pumps and motors are CE certified for specific models. CRI's motors are the first ever to be certified by UR (American Standard) in India.