Five long decades of repute and eminence puts forth the company’s ethos to the world with pride: Commitment, Reliance and innovation. The company embarked on a journey to pumping excellence fifty years back with Irrigation pump manufacturing at an in-house foundry. From the humble beginning at a foundry then to supplying pumps in 120 countries now, the trek to leadership exemplifies company’s profound excellence in the field. CRI Irrigation pumps are quite an example of it – foraying into the market leadership with quality performance and high durability. The Irrigation Pump series include the borewell pumpset series – CR, CM and 3R & Centrifugal monoblock series CT and CF. The pumps are designed to guarantee high performance under frequent voltage fluctuations with low power consumption. The borewell series feature water filled rewindable motors ensuring continuous performance. The thrust bearings are designed to withstand down thrust and axial thrust with minimal wear and tear. Nonetheless, the Centrifugal pumps too are unmatched engineering excellence. Featuring high performance with low temperature rise ensure the pump life is enhanced. The motors are enclosed with AC current supply thereby boosting efficiency in pumping. CRI Irrigation Pumps are world’s most reliable solution when it comes to heavy duty performance. The pumps find wide applications in agricultural and domestic purposes capable of pumping liquidsthat are abrasive, non abrasive, fresh and those containing solid particles. It can find application in agriculture and domestic purpose. The pumps are capable of handling liquids that are fresh, non abrasive and abrasive, and liquids containing solid particles and fibres.

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80 mm (3") Borewell Submersible Pumpsets CRI 3R Series

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200 mm (8") Borewell Submersible Pumps - CR & CM Series

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