CRI’s excellence in the field of fluid management is just commendable and unparalleled. The range of CRI centrifugal Monoblock Pumps is expansive and productive! Each one of the series have volute chamber and impellers designed most carefully to deliver the best hydraulic efficiency. The self priming jet pumps feature ejector unit to produce suction lift characteristics. All the motors feature dynamically balanced impellers, shafts and rotors ensuring noise free operation and longer life. Quality Steel Shaft with precision ground of big size transmits rated horse power. The pressure booster series in this category eliminates the use of overhead tanks and float switch. The control switch turns on and off whenever the pressure level reaches minimum or maximum preset level. There’s another great mentioning in the series and that is the peripheral pumps. These are single stage centrifugal pumps featuring horizontal shafts, impellers and radial discharge ports.

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