C.R.I Pumps delivers superior quality Submersible motors series to meet diverse issues in domestic, irrigation and industrial sector. Submersible motors from C.R.I are engineered to be eco-friendly. These motors are widely available in three distinct categories – W, L and R, each exhibiting a special category of features. The W series of motors feature dynamically balanced rotors that help increase better efficiency and improve life cycle of water filled bush bearings. Motors are refilled with pure and fresh water which can be filled with propylene glycol solution to avoid damage in severe cold regions of the world. The L series has oil filled prefilled motor that act as coolant and heat dissipation media. In R series the motor is sealed with a removable cable lead out. It has a stator room that is prefilled with resin, the winding of which are of enamelled copper wire.

submersible motors

Submersible Motors